Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hi !

Having taught kindergarteners for many years,
I was so glad to know the mneumonic, Roy G. Biv,
 as a way of remembering the actual order of the colors of the rainbow-
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet.
Getting the order "right" was very important to some of the children,
and a chance to celebrate these budding scientists as we experimented with prisms,
discovering the surprises of bending light. 
But the "free spirits" in the group, who mixed up the order or added unusual colors,
were celebrated as well, as we made connections to the freedom and choices of artists. 
Though I've been retired for several years now, 
I love remembering my years of teaching-- so many wonderful children, parents,
and colleagues, and so many happy memories, including
the correct order of the rainbow!

I am taking on this month's rainbow challenge over at LiveLoveCards
I just joined the group in April, and I've been enjoying Darlene's many videos.
 Thanks to her, I now use (and love!) a MISTI,
as I did on the sentiment of each of my cards-- individually inking
and repeatedly stamping this sentiment from the "Wait For It" set by Casual Fridays...

and here they are!

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Carolynn your cards are fantastic! I especially love the one with the black and white herringbone pattern on the bottom... just inspired!

  2. What a great card set! I love all of them.

  3. Carolynn, what a magnificent set of cards, all of them are so bright and the colors you gave the word AWESOME are, well.....AWESOME!!!!!
    It's great that you participated on the Rainbow Challenge over at LiveLoveCards, Thank you for sharing.
    Maria Rodriguez

  4. I love your rainbow cards! My fave is the first one with the black background. Black backgrounds are so striking! Thanks for sharing!