Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thank You

I'm posting a thank you card

it's "Mission Accomplished" for OWH,
and we cardmakers definitely celebrate our troops returning to their families,
thus no longer needing our cards keeping them connected to 
their loved ones while they were far from home.

But we cardmakers have bonded too, and it is a
bittersweet time as we send off our last boxes to this 
great organization, which has fostered our skills and encouraged
and cheered us in so many ways,
with a wealth of videos, tutorials, 
tips, techniques, challenges, and
hundreds of sketch ideas-- to name just a few of
the jewels of generosity and inspiration available to us.

And then there were the heartfelt notes from families
and troops... 
I'm getting a bit verklempt just thinking about them...

Change is hard, but it's part of our journey and
the way so far has been a good one.
I'm so grateful to have a been part of OWH with all of you.

With many thanks

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